So after a whole evening of contemplation and being lazy I figured that i may as well do a quick post summarising most of what happened today. Prepare to be slightly interested, maybe.

I was woken up at 7 today by the Headteacher calling through my window (this accommodation is far from sound-proof) and handing me some breakfast, telling me to get into school at half 7. I did, and promptly saw the entire school lined up for their morning ceremony, which involves a raising of the flag of Thailand followed by some dancing. Naturally I had a microphone thrust at me and told to make a speech, which I completely winged up until I ran out of things to say, then after an uncomfortably long pause i winged it some more. After that I was given another breakfast, due to a mis-communication meaning that the cook didn’t know I’d already had one. I am going to be incredibly fat by the time I’m back in England, I can tell.

I had a few lessons after that, mostly the same pronunciation helping that I did yesterday, followed by lunch, then I set about preparing a game for the students at today’s English Camp. This… could have gone better, to pit it mildly. The aim of the game was for the students to run up to a sheet of paper with several short sentence written on it, stuck to a whiteboard on the other side of the room. They would then run back, remember the sentence and tell their friend all they remembered, then their friend would run up and remember/write down the rest of that sentence. The winning pair would be the ones who finished all these sentences, correctly, first.

If you think I’ve explained that badly, you’re with everyone else. There was a massive confusion amongst all the teachers with what i was actually trying to do, and as much as I tried the language barrier between us made it difficult to explain what i wanted. It also didn’t click with me that there are about 170 or so kids who attend these English camps per day, so the group size was far too big to actually get this game to work. However, after a LOT of confused discussion and stalling the kids whilst we did, something was organised out of it that kind of made sense. Hardly a victory though.

Phachi market is on the other side of these train tracks. They are NOT fun to traverse over on a bicycle.

Phachi market is on the other side of these train tracks. They are NOT fun to traverse over on a bicycle.

After school I went with Bubpha to Phachi market to buy food and work out where landmarks such as the train station were (very close it turns out, which is nice), and in the evening I went with the headteacher to the local temple for a ceremony. The photos I got there weren’t amazing, but it was another interesting example of the town’s culture and it’s pretty cool to have such an amazing temple just down the road from me.



Since then I’ve had a thrilling evening of cleaning the fridge (I underestimated how much housekeeping I would have to do here) and trying to find some good examples of games to play with primary school level children online to try and stop the mild catastrophe of today from repeating itself. I’ve had very little success though, although I have tomorrow to sort it out too. And if that doesn’t end up being fruitful, it’s back to winging it again.



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