White Heat

A long overdue photo of the outside of my accommodation.

A long overdue photo of the outside of my accommodation.

So a couple of days ago, in an attempt to make my Thai schoolhouse exactly like my living spaces back in England, I bought a box of cereal with a carton of milk so that I could have something to eat aimlessly at weird hours during the day/night. Unfortunately this plan unravelled when I got back and realised that I currently had no cutlery, or bowls, that i could actually eat breakfast-based foods in. I’ve had so many people cook for me in Thailand that I don’t think I’ll ever really need to cook for myself (the headmaster has literally woken me up every day this week to hand me cartons of pork and rice for breakfast), which is in many ways a blessing, particular since I have no oven, but it does make trying to occasionally indulge in western foods/things that aren’t really spicy a bit more difficult.

Anyway, my point with this is that today I figured that I needed to starting drinking milk out of a carton in order to get rid of it before it went off, and I never realised how refreshing it is on such a hot day. Because believe me, even by Thailand standards, today was HOT. I struggled to stay awake in the afternoon sun and ended up having a quick nap by the side of the school during one of my free periods, because no amount of fanning or air conditioning would have made me feel any cooler. If you take one piece of advice from this blog, make it this; if you ever find yourself in a sunny and slightly rural area of Thailand and can’t escape the heat, drink milk, and lots of it. (Obviously do things like wear sunscreen as well, but the crucial factor here is the milk.)

Or better yet, be a stray dog, because this photo represents most of what they do all day.

Or better yet, be a stray dog, because this photo represents most of what they do all day.

All of my standard teaching lessons today took place in the school’s main hall where english camp is normally held, which is great as it means that I get to move around a lot more than I would in a standard classroom. I also get to use a microphone, so a lot today involved interviewing kids on their grammar skills and reinforcing what they’d learnt. I’m starting to actually recognise some of the different classes as well, and in particular the kids that will actually answer a question you ask them rather than stand up to answer, not say anything, then sit back down again. I played a few more games with them today, and as the class sizes aren’t anywhere near as big as english camp they’re a lot easier to control and organise.





I also found out that Watphachi has a scout group that meets every thursday on the school field, so I got to watch a bit of their ceremony as well. This was the point that I managed to fall asleep on a chair, and by the time I had woken up my camera battery was flat, but I did manage to get some photos before then. Generally it doesn’t seem to be much different to how I remember cubs/scouts; there was a small ceremony then the flag of Thailand was raised, before the kids either ran off back to class or got distracted by me taking photos and started waving a lot.


After school I went with Bubpha to the market to by some much needed cleaning supplies, meaning that i can finally clean and use the utensils that I’ve been given since the cereal fiasco. We then went back to hers to eat, and she said to me that I was welcome to have dinner with her family every night, an offer I may well take her up on due to the aforementioned ‘no oven’ issue (buying frozen food the other day was a bit of a mistake too.) My university exam results also came back today- had I been in England for them I would have had them at 12.30 so probably would have seen them shortly after waking up, but that translates to 6.30 in the evening here so I spent a lot of the day in anticipation and mild agony about them. Turns out I needn’t have worried, since I got a solid 2:1 with a 1st in two modules, which has been a great end to the day. Time for a celebratory swig of the milk jug.

View of the field from the school's second floor. Another long overdue image.

View of the field from the school’s second floor. Another long overdue image.



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