Guard Dogs and Deprived Sleep

(5th July) I should really be sleeping a great deal more than I have been in the last week or so, considering I’m woken up at around 6 everyday by Pilot handing me breakfast (it’s a hard life, I know). I blame the World Cup. Almost every match starts here at around 11, and my general pattern is that I’ll catch one of the less interesting matches, watch it until the last 10 minutes of extra time, get bored and go to bed, then wake up the next day to find out that all the goals were scored in the part that I didn’t watch. My excuse Friday night, however, was that I was skyping my girlfriend, which feels more valid but doesn’t change the fact that I woke up on little sleep once again. Bubpha’s son Peking (I hope that’s how you spell his name) called on me at 8 as some of the family were going to what I thought was going to be a church service (because, you know, I was told it was going to be a church service) but ended up being my second breakfast of the day (there are no days off for Pilot giving me breakfast, apparently) at what may have been a restaurant that also doubled as a Christian service judging by the music that was playing, but I’m really not too sure. That also sums up the theme of the day quite well too- tiredness, sweatiness and trying to make sense of what we were actually doing.


I didn’t eat too much so ended up going for a walk up one of the rural paths near the restaurant, which was quite nice and I managed to find a bit of shade to sit in. I also managed to find what looked like a docile, sleepy husky dog, as seen in the photo below. However, two seconds after taking said photo he woke up and started howling at me, clearly not very pleased that I was anywhere near his owner’s property, and chased me back down the road from where I came. Granted, it was more of an aggressive trot in my direction to make certain that I was leaving, like some sort of canine nightclub bouncer, but it was enough for me to call it a day on the whole ‘going for a walk’ thing, and to make sure that I won’t get on the wrong side of a stray dog again.

Oh sure, he looks calm now...

Oh sure, he looks calm now…

I fell asleep in the car after breakfast, so I basically only woke up when we actually stopped to do something. This happened several times- once when dropping Peking’s son off at his Grandad’s for a bit, and then at a small temple where I got to throw bread at some extraordinarily large fish, albeit ones that weren’t very easy to capture through photos. fedfish

There is literally no photo from this day where I look even passable.

There is literally no photo from this day where I look even passable.

I pretty much fell asleep in the car again once we got back in. It’s worth pointing out, though, that this is very easy to do in Thailand when everywhere outside is smothered in near 40-degree temperatures whilst every vehicle has the best air conditioning known to man. So yeh, no regrets. Anyway, we eventually ended up at a market in Ayutthaya where we went to a seafood place for lunch. Before coming here I was told that Ayutthaya was famous for it’s shrimp, and now that I’ve actually had some I can see why. It does, of course, suffer from the problem that all shrimp does, in that once you’ve torn the thing apart there’s not actually that much meat on it, although I was laughed at for leaving the head as I was told this was where the best meat is (I feel like I should have known that, but whatever, sleep deprived).


pancakething Looking out the restaurant window I’d notice that there were several elephants led by the usual street-salesmen type people casually walking around the pathways. As Bubpha took me around the market I realised the owners were selling food to feed them with like at the floating market last week, and whilst I’d already fed them before she seemed adamant that I should do it again, which led to two elephants fighting for the bread in my hand at the same time. It made me feel an interesting mix of slightly popular amongst the animal community and scared about my hands being crushed in-between two trunks. twoelephants In the evening we went to a fancy dinner at the local high school with Pilot and Bubpha’s family, which I had initially been told would be at midday, but ended up being at 6 o’clock instead (but hey, I’m sure anyone could get confused about that six hour difference). I had been invited down to Bangkok Friday night but didn’t go since I assumed I wouldn’t get back in time, so I was a bit miffed that I had been clearly told the wrong time, especially since everyone seemed to hold the consensus that the night itself was a bit dull. Again, I’m not really sure what the meal was for, but an evening of dances and light entertainment isn’t really the greatest thing when you don’t understand the language and just want to sleep. I feel kind of bad for all of this really, as my overall tiredness may have come across as ungrateful to everyone, although at the same time it’s a bit frustrating to be told one thing and then have a completely different thing happen. On the plus side, I actually went to bed reasonably early for once, after predicting that the Belgium Argentina game wasn’t going to go anywhere after the first ten minutes. For once, I was right.   PS

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