Let’s Go Chase Waterfalls


(13th July)

Our attempts to try and barter with another taxi driver in order to get a cheap ride to Erawan Falls failed once we realised that it was a good 2 hour journey away and none of them wanted to go for any less than 1,000 baht. We therefore took the much cheaper option of buying a ticket and waiting for the bus, which annoyingly we had just missed so had to hang around for an hour for. The markets were already open so we ventured about for a bit and bought some fried banana on a stick for breakfast, but I was pretty disappointed to find out that it was probably the blandest tasting food imaginable.

It was frustrating that it wasn’t until 12 that we got to the falls as well, as we needed to be back at 4 to catch the last bus home and I assumed that this wouldn’t give us enough time to do everything. The first two tiers of the waterfall were also packed with tourists, and for a second I thought that this was going to be the same not matter how far up we went. Alongside arriving at the start of what looked like heavy monsoon rain, I didn’t have a great deal of hope.

Luckily though, both the rain and the majority of people cleared away the further we made it up, and we found some more secluded pools to dip our feet into. I think that made up for everything else quite nicely.






I should probably explain that Erawan Falls consists of seven waterfall tiers, meaning that the further you trek up it the more you’re going to end up seeing. We made it our mission to reach the seventh tier before leaving, so a good portion of the day was spent trekking over untrustworthy pathways and mossy rocks. Because I apparently enjoy making things difficult for myself, the only footwear I’d brought with me on this weekend was my pair of sandals, and these got soaked very quickly as I walked through a whole bunch of waterfall rivers and puddles. Every rock and inaccessible path we crossed, therefore, became a precise mission in choosing the exact place to put my barely covered foot, whilst praying that there wasn’t an unseen bit of moss stuck to it that would cause me to fall over and break a body part (or worse, my camera.)

Luckily I made it up to the top unscathed and went swimming in the extremely cool top-tier water for a bit. We ran into some others ETAs doing the same thing as us, and I tried scrambling up some more caves and rocks until the security guards started shouting at me for going to high up and ruined my fun.



My camouflage skills need some improvement.

By the end of all this we only had around an hour to make it down to the bottom and catch the last bus, so we made a quick break for it, or at least as ‘quick’ as you can be when you’re navigating down waterfalls in sandals. Due to a few setbacks we missed it in the end, but I could at least breathe a sigh of relief when I made it down in one piece, with everything still intact (kudos to you Sainsburys, definitely feel like my £8 sandals were value for money now.) It wasn’t the end of the world anyway, as we managed to hop on a taxi back, which luckily was a lot safer than the ones we were used to around Kanchanaburi.

Later on we even managed to make it back to the hotel on foot without being chased by dogs, so clearly we’d all grown a bit as people since Friday.



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