Dog Day Afternoon

I’m going to start this one with a photo of Cody, my dog back at home.


What a poser.

I’ve slowly been learning the names of the stray dogs that live in Watphachi School – Chao Quay is the fairly docile one who I think followed me to the temple on the parade day a couple of weeks back, and No-On is the one who will occasionally sleep on the steps leading up to my schoolhouse. Whilst I’m a bit untrustworthy of them – a friendly stray dog is still a stray dog, after all – I have some confidence that they at least don’t want to cause anyone harm.

They, however, seem to be the exception, and most of the other dogs here are nasty pieces of work. The school employs a night-guard who stays within the grounds after teaching hours, and for some reason he thinks it’s a good idea to bring a pack of dogs with him (either as extra protection or because he just likes taking care of them, I don’t know.) As anyone with a basic knowledge of dogs will tell you, introducing new dogs into an area where another dog has resided for a while means that the original dog will take this as an intrusion on their territory. So not only do I risk getting bitten by these new ‘guard’ dogs who don’t recognise me every time I get back to the schoolhouse at night, but I’m woken up many times during the early hours by the two different groups of dogs barking and fighting each other. Considering how obsessed the headmaster is with my safety out here, I’m pretty amazed nobody is batting an eyelid at this.

Having said that, I did talk about all this with Bubpha last night and she said she’d bring it up within the school, but I was surprised when she told me to explain it during my morning speech in front of the kids. Granted, I talked about monkeys yesterday, so it makes sense to move onto other animals, but it seems weird that I was encouraged to borderline complain in front of a good 200 people who aren’t really related to the issue. But at least Pilot the headmaster is aware of it now, and hey, maybe they’re allowing me to build up my speeches about things that annoy me until I become the Thailand primary school equivalent of a bad ‘shock jock’ radio presenter.

But all of this is pretty much a long-winded way of saying that I miss Cody a lot. He’s an idiot, but he wouldn’t intentionally hurt anyone. I don’t like the fact that living out here is making me start to really, really hate dogs, so I could do with a reminder that the majority of them are quite brilliant.


I wrote all of the above in the morning, and reading it back now at 9:30pm it’s clear that I wasn’t in the best of moods. It’s also safe to say that my day got worse from there, and explaining why it was would make this post sound like the diary entry of a whingy 15 year old girl. That’s the last thing I want this blog to become, so I think I’m going to cut this one short for the night. But since I don’t want to end on a downer, have a photo showing how one of the local schools gets to and from our english camp. In England, we use safe and organised hired coaches to get our schoolkids around. In Thailand, they just do this:



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