Pick Your Poison

It turns out that I did manage to give myself a bit of food poisoning from the hot-pot last night. I’m not throwing up everywhere, but my body seems to be letting me know that some of the meat I ate was in fact undercooked, probably because I didn’t leave it in the pot for long enough. Still worth it since the night itself was great, but it’s certainly given my day a bit of a nervous edge. I guess hot-pot meals and I are destined to never get along.

With that in mind, I probably shouldn’t have drunk the amount of coffee that I did today, but when everyone keeps offering it to you and it’s so damn tasty it’s hard to resist.  I think I need it anyway – today’s uniform is the ’embarrassing dad shirt’ again, and whilst I finally bought one for myself the other day it’s currently with the lady in Phachi who I’m paying to do my washing, so I felt a bit left out stuck in my boring work clothes. I still had a decent first lesson with Prathom 5 in the school hall though – we went through the Here We Go Looby Loo song again and I got them all to dance around in circles to it, which may have actually led to them getting a bit tired out. That would be a first.



Our final English Camp was cancelled today, and although it makes me sound hypocritical considering how much I was complaining about it earlier this week I was a bit disappointed. Mainly this was because it was actually well organised yesterday and we had planned it in a similar way today, so I thought that I would be able to get something out of it. However, apparently one of the teachers was ill and couldn’t make it; I wasn’t told who, but if it was Wirot clearly that hot-pot from last night was cursed.

Regardless, I got on with my other scheduled lessons instead. Prathom 3, the infamously unteachable class, actually did quite well with the games we played with them based on their names and surnames. One of these involved me throwing a basketball to members of the group and getting them to repeat the answer my questions, but I actually struggled to catch it when they threw it back to me, in case you needed any more evidence that I’m terrible at all forms of physical exercise.


With Prathom 6 I taught more Christmas songs and phrases, which despite teaching various classes for a good couple of weeks now I still find weird doing in July. After seeing a guide to making Christmas tree decorations in their workbooks they became adamant that I made some myself, and were delighted when I presented them with a quite wonky-looking Christmas tree chain. I suppose if they’re all so enthusiastic about Christmas during the season where most British people would rather not think about it, their admiration shouldn’t really come as a shock.


For the first time ever, I had guests come over to my schoolhouse this evening. Granted, these guests were Bubpha and another teacher from Watphachi, and they pretty much invited themselves, but it was still nice to have them, despite my attempts at cleaning the place beforehand not being all that successful.

Bubpha brought round some portable kitchen utensils and once again we went up to the market to get some shrimp and chicken to fry. We ended up with a strange little set-up of cooking equipment on the table at the back of the house, and although I wasn’t sure if setting it up next to my electric toothbrush was the most hygienic of ideas, neither of the others seemed to mind. I didn’t really help much with the cooking this time but I got to see it first-hand again, so hopefully it will eventually be lodged into my memory and I’ll be able to impress everyone back in England with my Thai cooking skills.



And that’s week 4 of my teaching here done; I feel like it’s been a bit of a mixed bag, but these last couple of days have really been great. Although Bubpha’s son Pekeng was going to take us to the beach this weekend he cancelled at the last minute, so my plans now consist of going to some waterfalls with Bubpha tomorrow before heading to Bangkok to try and find some more left-field touristy options by myself for the rest of the weekend. Written down that plan seems simple enough, so I’m sure that in practice there’s a million interesting little ways that it could go wrong.



  1. If you’ve got Thai people inviting themselves around and cooking food at your place – you have made it! Yay for going local – too many people avoid it at all costs.

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