Sleeping on the Eastside

The Watphachi school teacher who came for dinner in my schoolhouse at the end of last week made a point of mentioning that my bed was facing the wrong way.

It turns out that Thai culture seems to hold a lot of superstitions about sleeping. My bed faces the west of the room and thus I sleep in that direction, but apparently over here this is considered to be bad luck and the teacher offered to help me turn my bed around to fix it. I declined since at the time I really couldn’t be bothered with physical effort, and told him I’d try to do it in a few days time.

Coming back last night to find that I had no working internet connection, no towel to dry myself with after a shower because it was currently being washed in Phachi, and no work trousers for the next day due to the same reason, I began to wonder if I should have taken him up on his offer. I slept with my head facing the east that night, thinking that it might make an improvement to my luck.


Bubpha did bring these things to me the next morning so my day didn’t become the disaster that it could have been, making me think that eastern side sleeping is infact the way forward. I wasn’t really in the mood for my morning speech to the kids though and I rambled on about going to Bangkok and the waterfalls this weekend, which I then had to repeat since apparently the kids weren’t listening the first time. To be fair, I don’t think they really missed much.

We had finally appeared to have moved on from Christmas songs with Prathom 6 this morning, however I quickly found out that it had been replaced by teaching them instructions on how to make an origami swan. Of course, I was expected to make one too, but as someone who has never successfully made a paper plane that stayed in the air for longer than a second, I was not very experienced in making something majestic out of a sheet of A4. As I spent the next 20 minutes folding paper over until it became a complete and utter mess, and getting increasingly frustrated as I went on, I think my lack of skills really started to show.

And just to top it all off, I had to sing Joy To The World to the class at the end of the lesson, as if to remind me that I will never escape out-of-season references to Christmas here.

I didn't make this. I didn't even come close to making this.

I didn’t make this. I didn’t even come close to making this.

My afternoon lesson with Prathom 4 took place in the school’s canteen, as we had decided to put their current lessons about food preparation to a practical use. They all arrived with baskets of fruit and various juices in order to make bowls of fruit punch, and whilst I didn’t get to have any myself they certainly looked nice enough. Bet I could make one just as good though. Maybe we should all have a cook-off.




I was invited to play football again this afternoon, and whilst I started off just as terrible as I normally fare with it towards the end I felt like I was actually getting considerably better. Granted, a large part of this was because the kids were literally leaving me with an open goal, presumably because I suck so much that they all started to feel bad. I scored a few goals, but I’d really like to actually be good enough for them to be earned next time around. But there should still be plenty of opportunities for that.

Once again I cooked at the schoolhouse for Bubpha and I in the evening, which at least made up for my lack of involvement in today’s fruit punch shenanigans. Although I still didn’t do everything completely independently, I feel that I’m certainly starting to get a grip on this whole ‘cooking decent food’ thing everyone always goes on about. The downside to this is that having my own cooking area dramatically increases the amount of cleaning I have to do.


Bubpha told me today that one of the Kindergarten teachers wants to play badminton with me sometime this week and I’m also set to be teaching Wirot’s night class again on Thursday, as well as some university students on Wednesday. Hopefully I should have quite a busy week based on that, but there’s also a bunch of other stuff that I really need to get on top of, namely booking travel to Chiang Mai for the long weekend which I’ve left to the last minute. With that in mind, I think I’ll try east-side sleeping again tonight, as I’ll need all the luck I can get.


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