A Bird In The Fan

The days off this week due to the long weekend have butchered the amount of time that I have to teach, and knowing that I haven’t got as long as usual until the next weekend isn’t exactly helping my enthusiasm. Adding to this, the cold that’s been developing inside me has really come into its own today, something that was probably not helped by yesterday’s never-ending train from Chiang Mai, so concentrating in class was a lot harder than usual. Infact, what with having not properly taught since last Thursday, there was a split second at the beginning of the day where I felt like I was forgetting how to do my job.

It didn’t last for too long though. The first lesson with Prathom 6 was hardly interesting, but it at least eased me back into things. We were reading from a passage in their textbooks about a day in the life of an Indian schoolboy, and for some reason they all kept laughing whenever I said the word ‘watercolours’. I didn’t really have the energy to inquire as to why.

lovecushion - EditedAlthough I went through one week where I was given a huge amount of loom bands (a.k.a the colourful wrist bracelet things that primary school kids are obsessed with), since then they seem to have fallen out of fashion within the school. I still get gifts from time to time though, and today in Prathom 2 one of the girls handed me what can only be described as a straw with a love heart cushion attached to the top. The way the packaging is designed implies that there’s some sort of food being kept inside it, but the only things I can see within it are about a dozen or so small objects that look like those Millions candies you can buy in the UK, although I’m still not too confident that they’re actually edible. So whilst I’m flattered, I think this is something that I’m going to leave unopened for now.


Anyway, the most notable moment of the day was discovering the bird living inside of a fan in the canteen.


Like I said, it was a pretty low-energy day.

A couple of the teachers pointed it out during lunch and as I went to observe it I noticed that it had started to build a little nest inside of the fan’s casing. It wasn’t a particularly great nest, mind you, but the way the bird stared at me as I got closer to it seemed like it was giving me a calm warning that it would mess me up if I got any closer (not that I could even if I wanted to, since its new home resided on the ceiling.)

Nobody made any particular effort to move it. Pilot started poking around the fan for a bit, but I imagine that he caught sight of the bird’s calm-killer stare like I had so he left it alone after a while. The last time I checked a few hours ago it was still there, sitting near-motionless inside the fan that I’m very confused about how it got into in the first place, guarding a fairly pathetic looking nest.

I’d help build a new home for it if I wasn’t so sure I’d end up covered in peck-marks and contracting various bird diseases in the process. Regardless, I don’t think we’ve seen the last of this guy.



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