I guess it’s not that surprising that, after 8 weeks, I’d eventually have a day where there’d be very little of note to talk about, but today finally seems to be that day. If anything, that’s a testament how eventful and varied living out here normally is, and a lack of decent internet plus the beginning stages of a cold are also factors as to why this post will be very short.

But overall the day has just felt, well, mundane. I had lessons with Prathom 1, 3 and 4, during which we mostly played games that involved throwing scrunched up pieces of paper around which the students then had to open and read to the class, and another where we created a makeshift washing line that the kids had to run up to and memorise the words that had been taped to it. English Club was scheduled, and yet again didn’t happen because it never, ever does.

 washing line - Edited

Bubpha and I went to the same food shop this evening and although she was going to teach me some more Thai words at her house when we got there I immediately crashed on the sofa, waking up about an hour later with a cold brewing. She noticed this and went into full-on mothering mode, driving to the pharmacy to pick me up some aspirin and the Thai equivalent of Olbas Oil, which she then spent 5 minutes dabbing over my hands and shirt whilst also making me agree to put it all over my schoolhouse pillow so that it would be extra effective during the night.

Finally she gave me a new duvet from her house, fearing that my current one wasn’t clean enough and therefore wouldn’t help my mildly ill state. It has Angry Birds on it, so I’m not complaining.

The kids in school are going to be so jealous.

The kids in school are going to be so jealous.

I guess maybe this is a sign that my school days are setting into much more of a standard routine, which is pretty redundant seeing that I have less than two weeks left until I leave. But whatever, I don’t have the energy to ponder this. I’m ill, my priorities now are covering my bed in Olbas Oil substitute and falling asleep.



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