About Etc.


Thailand Etc. Is the journal of Patrick Scott, a 21 year old Reading University student teaching at Watphachi School in the Ayutthaya Province of Thailand for 3 months as part of the British Council’s 2014 “Teaching English In Thailand” programme. It covers the experiences of staying in a country with a rich historical landscape, as well as the everyday happenings of someone who has never taught a day in their life suddenly thrown into a whole bunch of primary school classes with the expectation of helping them learn something.

The “Etc.” part of the title stems from Patrick’s desire to try and be as ambiguous as possible at all times.



  1. Hello fellow TEFL blogger! I stumbled across your blog recently and I’ve been enjoying following it… I especially like your Hawaiian shirt for casual Fridays! Soooo glad I have never had to wear those awful things!

    Anyway, the reason I’m commenting is I have started a new weekly feature on my blog called Mixed up Mixtapes where each week I choose a theme (based around life living and working abroad) and I pick 5 songs that sum up that theme for me, sharing them in a blog post.

    Basically I’m reaching out to other bloggers out there and inviting them to make their own Mixed up Mixtape post based on the theme. This week’s theme is homesickness…


    If you are interested, feel free to make a post and just put a link back to my post somewhere and use the tag: mixed up mixtapes. I will be sharing other people’s contributions so you will likely get some extra visits from the followers of my blog 🙂

    Thanks! Kylie

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